Surviving Nursing School: How To

First off, CONGRATULATIONS on getting into nursing school, that’s no easy feat!

As sad as it is to say, at least one of your peers in your graduating class won’t walk across the stage with you. Nursing school is no joke, it’s a fight to get in and a fight to stay in. Below you’ll find tips on how I survived nursing school, so you won’t be the peer left behind!

 Get Prepared/Organized

The worst thing you can do is start your semester off in disarray. Its much easier to say organized then it is to get organized mid-semester. It’s a good idea to get reorganized at the start of each semester to say on track. I’ve made a list of some things I used to help me stay organized in school.

  • Pens, notebooks, highlighters – the usual
  • Have separate bag for clinical: This will help you to keep things light while at the hospital, not to mention sanitary 😊
  • Different binders or dividers for each class: If you think I’m being overzealous, I promise you I’m not! Separating your binders/notebooks by the class will make studying a lot less overwhelming!
  • Flash-drive: to store PowerPoints, projects, etc.
  • Recorder: I started off using my phone, which worked fine until I ran out of storage. Not all professors read directly off the PowerPoint, so these will come in handy while taking notes!

Get Ready To Work In Groups

If you’re an introvert, start preparing yourself now! Literally every project I was assigned in nursing school was a group project. Personally, I’m not a fan of group projects, I’m not fond of being responsible for someone’s grade, and vice versa. While I can tell you a couple of horror stories, there are some upsides to group projects. For example, it can be a great way to meet new people to study with.  

Keep A Study Schedule

Having a set study schedule will help you to keep your school-work-life balance in order. Knowing when you’ll be studying will give you time to plan your life around school. Don’t neglect your friends and family all of the time! Its important that you to keep some semblance of normalcy while in nursing school!

Find Someone To Study With – Even If You Like To Study Alone

I retain the most when studying by myself. Having a study group or a study buddy, however, can be very beneficial. Its helpful to have someone to test your knowledge with and/or to help you learn a concept you don’t understand.

Ask Questions, Utilize Teachers and Tutors

My school offered tutors free of charge, but if your school does not, you can find a peer to tutor you, or even look online to find tutors specific to your needs.

Asking questions was a game changer for me in nursing school. I would make a list of questions to ask my professor as I studied. I also would ask questions during class if I needed clarification. Don’t wait until you’re studying on your own to try to figure out what you couldn’t understand in class!

Some professors will allow you to meet with them during office hours. Take advantage of this benefit if its offered! I would’ve failed OB had I not gone to my professor and asked for help!

Surviving Nursing school won’t be easy, but you’ve got this!  I hope you found this post to be helpful! Sign up for emails, so you never miss a post!