How I Made 90k With My BSN Degree In 2020

You didn’t read the title wrong and no, I’m not exaggerating.  By the end of this year I will have made over $90,000 (before taxes) as a registered nurse – with my BSN! The best part is, I’m going to show you how you can too! You’re probably thinking I’m full of it right now, but I promise you I’m not. I’m going to give you my pay breakdown, in addition to hours worked so you can actually see the calculations.  

 Now, I need you to keep an open mind before I dive into the details. You may think that what I did is not feasible for your lifestyle. I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it! I was able to manage my workload and still be a mother to my toddler.

Okay, lets face it, unless you want to go back to school to get an Advanced Practice degree of some kind, your BSN won’t make you 90k with one job. Now that we’ve all stepped into reality, with our open minds 😊 lets get into the breakdown of how I make this moneyyy!

To make 90k, I hold a total of 3 jobs. WAIT! Don’t hit the X just yet! 2 of the 3 jobs are 100% from home!

Job 1: Float Pool RN at local hospital

  • This is a PRN (per deim/as needed) position. My hours for this job are 24hrs/month  
  • Pay rate: $35/hr  x  24hrs  =  $840/month —————– 10,800/yr         

Job 2: RN Case Manager

  • This is my full-time job, I work this job Mon-Fri 8hrs/day
  • This job is salaried 75,000/yr

Job 3: Utilization Review

  • This is also a PRN position, requiring 16 hrs/month
  • Pay rate: $35/hr  x  16hrs  =  $560/month———————$6,720/yr

$75,000 + $10,800 + $6,720 = $91,800/yr

So, there you have it! 90k with my BSN degree! On paper it may look like a lot of work, but honestly its not! I actually prefer working 3 jobs to having 1 full time job as a bedside nurse! In my next post I’ll be discussing how I manage 3 jobs and a busy toddler! I hope this post was helpful, please feel free to ask me any questions!!

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